Monday, 27 October 2014

Happy Half Term!

I can hardly believe this photo was taken this time last year. How time flies and oh, how different  life can look in such a short space of time.

Half term last year was spent, as most school holidays are, on the Dorset coast. Days were spent heading out to the beach at every opportunity, wrapped up, taking in the sea air whilst enjoying cups of hot chocolate and the girls running around playing. Then retiring back to the warmth of indoors, lighting our latest favourite candle from The White Company, indulging in a glass of wine and a delicious supper. Enjoying life's small pleasures. 

And this half term will be just the same...well almost. 

Just as soon as I have safely delivered my father to Heathrow for his flight to South Africa, my girls and I will be coastal bound.

With the forecast looking settled, even warm (though I've probably jinxed that now!), beach walks will be plentiful and I'm even contemplating, much to the excitement of the girls, venturing along the seafront on our bikes.

A hot chocolate whilst watching the world go by is a must...

As is a chance to enjoy some quality time with my two beautiful girls without the demands of daily life.

And on that note, a chance for me to take some time out to just be. Not what needs to be done now and next...and after that...and after that. Just in the moment.

So whilst thoughts of past happy holidays will not be far from my mind, one thing is for sure, I will be creating more special holiday memories.

Have a Happy Half Term!



Like Mother Like Daughter said...

Just like your lovely memories with your mummy, the girls will be creating the same happy ones about their time with you. That's the gift your mummy passed down to you xx

Like Mother Like Daughter said...

Thanks Honey xx