Saturday, 25 October 2014


We all need someone to admire, someone who most importantly, helps you find the moments where you admire yourself. For me, it is my beloved Mummy. A relationship I have cherished for 40 years now and, although she is no longer here, will always continue to do so.

Mummy died, very suddenly, of a brain tumour in June this year and, whilst I won't go into the full detail now, we (my father, my sister and our families) are all learning to live life without her. I think I can safely say it is the hardest thing any of us has had to do, but everyday we count our blessings for the wonderful, wonderful memories we have of her.

I consider myself extremely fortunate in the closeness of our relationship. Truly unique, we were kindred spirits in many ways and with a similar sense of fun, a love of clothes, shoes, a fine glass of wine and a good natter... we were also the best of friends.

Since she passed our similarities have become all the more apparent to me and there are many times when  I do feel I have become that which I have lost. And so the idea for my blog was born.

I would not be the woman I am today if it wasn’t for Mummy. This blog is not only dedicated to her and everything she's taught me as I now help my own young daughters navigate their way through life, but also a place for me to cherish, share and continue to enjoy all the good things in life we loved together.

I hope you enjoy them too!



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