Saturday, 8 November 2014

Weekend words of wisdom...

This fabulous tote bag came in my goody bag at the Red Magazine event I went to on Wednesday evening with the gorgeous Chrissie Rucker of The White Company talking about how she has built the company into the international success it is today. More of that inspiring evening later.

The words on the bag reminded me, however, of all the wonderful things friends and family did for me in the  4 months when Mummy was ill and my time was devoted to caring for her whilst still trying to keep on top of running my own home, help my husband run our business and make sure my girl's lives carried on as normally as they possible could. Not an easy task by any means and an impossible feat at times. It's definitely not something I would want to go through again, or anyone else for that matter! What helped to keep me going though was the overwhelming support everyone gave me. Meals would turn up; washing and ironing was taken off my hands; my house got cleaned; the girls went off to stay with friends and do fun stuff; coffee and a shoulder to cry on was always there; messages from dear friends who weren't able to do much on a practical level but who always had me in their thoughts came through frequently; no matter what it was, however big or small I knew it all came with great love. And, I will always, always be grateful. Many of you will be reading this and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I've always believed it's the little things that make a big difference regardless of the situation. From giving a girlfriend an impromptu bunch of flowers or dropping a friend a message that I know will make them smile to knowing when my family's had a stressful week and getting out for walk on the beach is more important than getting the housework done; these little thoughts and gestures are often all we need to lift our spirits, make us smile and feel loved. Because we all need to feel loved.

So this weekend do something small with great love. It will go a long way... I promise!


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