Monday, 12 January 2015

Chin Up Buttercup!

Scrolling through my twitter feed over the weekend there was one recurring theme - we're all feeling the January blues. The first week back to school/work/routine seemed to be a long one and with some mornings daylight not dawning til 8am; pouring, pouring rain only for it to be dark again at 4pm, it's little wonder really! The only comfort I know I draw is that I'm not alone in feeling down, the January blues have a habit of getting to the best of us, regardless of what is going on in our lives.

It's small comfort though and whilst it's not good for us to dwell, experience  has taught me that sometimes the more you fight these feelings the harder it all feels and you find yourself on a downward spiral, so I'm a huge advocate of going with the flow on days like this. As long as what absolutely needs to be done gets done, I try not to expect too much of myself - it only adds to the negativity if I don't achieve the other things I had planned to do. 

Instead I turn to my "Chin Up Buttercup" list, an idea  I came across when reading the fabulous "The Flourish Handbook" by a lovely lady called Cheryl Rickman,  A manageable and productive suggestion, it's a list of activities I know that if I do them they will absorb me, help keep the gloom at bay and make the day feel just that little bit better. Indirectly they are things I need to do; doing something I enjoy can only lead to me feeling more energised, motivated and inspired. And, as Audrey Hepburn said "Happy People are the prettiest" - that's motivation enough for me!

Simple, effective and not necessarily costing anything, here's the little things I like to do to shake off the blues and bring back my smile:

- Paint my nails
- Wrap up and head to the beach
- Take my friend's dog for a walk
- Light some candles
- Cuddle up with my girls and a movie
- Plan a date night/weekend away with Mr LMLD
- Have a big, hot bubble bath
- Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest
- Blogging!
- Buy some fresh flowers
- Go for a swim

I'm always looking for new ideas, so what would you put on your list?

Chin up buttercups, wishing you a good week!


You can find more inspiration by following Cheryl @TheFlourishers


Eva said...

Thank you! I needed that today! Have enough of a cold so that I've got no energy but not too ill so that I feel justified in doing nothing! So I'm fighting against the tasks I know are mounting up. I should just go with the flow - I've lit a candle and will make myself a gingerbread latte! And put some sparkle on my nails!! Monty's looking forward to his walk later! xx

TheOnlineStylist said...

Love this idea Jo! You're so right - the more you fight it or ask yourself why, the worse it becomes I think. There's no reason why I should be feeling the blues - it's just January! (Or hormones!) So I'm going with it...and red nails definitely help!
I would add a trip to the coffee shop, just you and a magazine to the list! xxx

Melanie Dean said...

My list is very similar but also have:
- Clean sheets on my bed
- a trip to the hairdresser
- just have to get out of the house

Like Mother Like Daughter said...

Thank you ladies, just having your comments has brightened my day and definately things to be added to my list!