Saturday, 11 April 2015

A Postcard From Mudeford #1

Put me on a beach and I'm a happy girl. Put me on the beach at the beginning of a beautiful day or at the end of one when the beach has emptied and the sun is setting and I'm a really happy girl. It's not quite warm enough for the latter but now with our pup to walk, getting down to the beach super early is fast becoming one of my favourite things to do when we stay down in Mudeford. I'm always rather envious of fellow bloggers and friends who live down here and their close proximity to the beautiful coastline; it's always their photo's on my instagram feed that leave me pining to live down here permamently.... one day. And who can blame them when these are the delights that great you early on a beautiful Spring morning.

 If money were no object this would be my forever house

 Just me, pup and an open promenade
 A sunrise full of promise
The beach to ourselves

Beach huts glowing in the early morning sunshine

Somebody might have taken an early morning dip!

Enjoying the view

Until next time...



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