Sunday, 3 May 2015

#52memories - My Birthday Belle!

Birthdays are of course always very special, but when you now share them with a Royal Princess well, then they are extra special! From what I remember of this day when I gave birth 9 years ago, my time in labour - annoyingly unexpected a hasten to add as I was booked in for a c-section - was about the same as Kate's, but I don't think the jogging bottom ensemble I left hospital in really is comparable to a beautiful Jenny Packham dress!

I digress, but can you blame me?! This week's #52memories is totally devoted to Bella my youngest who turned 9 yesterday. She has, like any other child, been VERY excited about the whole thing all week. I've been looking forward to it too, amid the disorganisation that finally all came together very late the night before. Bless her as she reluctantly headed off to bed on Friday evening, me eager to get on with "birthday things" she said "Don't worry Mummy, I'll probably wake up early, but I won't wake you up before 7am and I'll bring you a coffee...." that's my Bella! As a Mummy we all want to spoil our children don't we and Birthday's are our real opportunity to make lots of fuss of them and add another beautiful memory to their childhood.

And so we celebrated, as we usually do, together as a family...

Beautiful Birthday Girl!

Everyone deserves pancakes, strawberries and 
chocolate for their Birthday Breakfast

Lunch took on a retro vibe; prawn cocktail,
lasagne and tiramisu

Birthday bubbles and pink flowers, of course!

My sister is the official "Birthday Cake Maker"  of the 
family with beautiful creations like this

Gorgeous cousins!

Lovely to see my family relaxing at my dinner table

Four generations of the family came together to celebrate!

Happy Birthday My Birthday Belle!




TheOnlineStylist said...

Truly lovely pictures Jo and I LOVE the retro have me fancying prawn cocktail 10.30 in the morning. Bella looks gorgeous in her stripes!
Glad you all had a lovely day! xxx

Like Mother Like Daughter said...

Ah thank you lovely! Gotta love me a Joules striped dress and Bella does do them so well! But yes after family lunch, cinema, pizza and a friend to sleep over, I've one very happy Birthday girl! Xxx