Saturday, 5 September 2015

Back to school - back to blogging!

Hello! It's been a while hasn't it? I won't bore you with the detail of where I've been these last few months and what's been holding me back, but in the spirit of a new month, a new season and the start of a new school term, I'm looking ahead and indulging in doing something I love doing.

This week my girls went back to school and first time in a long time (it feel like that anyway) I enjoyed the bliss of having a peaceful house to myself. Well almost. Mr LMLD was of course upstairs in his office and pup was up to his usual game of picking up something he shouldn't - a tea towel, a shoe or his real favourite, one of my bra's from the laundry basket - in the hope that I will give chase and a game begin. Yes dear readers I have been known to run around the garden after pup trying to retrieve my best M&S "push up plunge" from him!

With some time to myself, albeit a lengthy to-do list, getting out for a good, long walk with pup was a lovely way to kick off being "back in the routine". Once I'd remembered which path to take, I walked pup on a new route for him into the beautiful Hampshire countryside. He was in his element, foraging in the overgrown hedgerows, me enjoying some warm September sunshine on my face. As I walked along, mindfully, taking in the beautiful surroundings, noticing the changes in nature coming about with the change of season, a smile on my face from seeing pup enjoying himself, inside my head the dust sheets were being pulled off my creative cogs as they began to turn and once more I could feel the buzz of excitement at new blog post ideas.

And so here I am, feeling creative and positive. I hope to post a couple  of times a week, but I won't promise - or put myself under pressure to keep to that - as I know that life has every chance of getting in the way again. But as we head into this beautiful season, I have some lovely things I'd like to document and share.

I have a busy weekend ahead getting ready for ED's first school trip abroad to Paris and with that the opportunity for Mr LMLD to get away on our own for the first time in nearly a year. We have a stay booked at the wonderful THE PIG - on the beach at Studland which I simply can't wait for followed by a few days at our holiday flat in Mudeford. No children. No pup. Just the two of us and some much needed QT together.

So I'll be back next time relaxed and revived with beautiful snaps of our week, but in the meantime pop over to Instagram for some of the delights THE PIG - on the beach has to offer.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I'm so pleased to see you blogging again and I can't wait for those Instagram pics! Jennie x