Saturday, 16 January 2016


This post is a little hot of the press. I had one written and ready to publish along the same theme, but thanks to my Saturday morning alarm - aka pup - going off at 7.30 and getting me up, pretty much most of the content has now changed. But that's the beauty of blogging and I'm SO glad!

We're down at our flat in Mudeford for the weekend. Now that winter has decided to be proper winter - cold, crisp, clear blue skies, there is no place I'd rather be when it's like this. And here's why.

As we're in a flat, I'm more conscious of keeping our pup quiet in the mornings, so often head out with him first thing down to the local beach for him to run of some of his energy. This morning, however, as I set off Nespresso Travel Mug in one hand and eager pup in the other, with it so cold and frosty, I thought "I must be mad..." How wrong was I!

Calm but frosty

The sun peaking through between The Needles, Isle of Wight

The sand and seashells tinged with frost glowing in the sun

Pretty (beach huts) in Pink!
Seagull watching!

A winter beach walk is one of my most favourite things to do - with friends, family or , like this morning, just me and pup. - wrapping up VERY warmly, sunglasses on, a mug of coffee in my hand or, hey, even a glass of bubbly! (not at this time of day I have to say !) I did say I was happiest with a glass in my hand and the sand between my toes wellies! The magical powers of the blue sky and sparkling blue sea to lift the spirits is definitely something to be celebrated - and I do it often! It's a chance to clear my mind of the stresses of a busy week, to think and inspire myself and to just look around, take in everything I see and count my blessings. 

Paddle anyone?

Having pup is one such blessing. If I didn't have him, I'd still be snuggled under my duvet, missing out on such a wonderful way to start the day!

Wrap up warm and enjoy the sunshine!

Joanna & Sammy

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