Saturday, 27 February 2016


It's 1993 and my Dad has had a windfall from an insurance policy. "Let's go to Cape Town for Christmas!" he says. And we did. It was the first of many fantastic and memorable trips to come. It was the start of a blossoming romance with this quite, simply stunning country and, I seem to remember, with the guy at University who let me borrow his computer to type up the above diary I gave to Mum and Dad as a memento of that first momentous trip.

Whilst the latter "romance" fizzled out after a few months, my love and deep rooted connection with Cape Town has not and, fast forward twenty three years, here we are again in basking in it's beautiful, heat and sunshine to celebrate the wedding of my cousin Catherine to her fiance Daniel (you first met them here).

So after nearly 18 hours of flying, immigration finally getting the thumb prints they need of Mr LMLD to allow us in (I kid you not!) and the wonderful and always emotional reuniting of the family at the airport, we had arrived. We'd left behind the grey, wet, British winter and swapped it for beautiful blue skies, sunshine and temperatures well into the 30 degrees celcius. Yep, yet again it was "hell in Africa".

We had a few days in Cape Town before heading to The Elgin Valley for the wedding and, with no room at the famly inn, we, my sister, niece and nephew were booked into a local guest house. I'll be bringing you more of this gem of a find in a later post. The somewhat daunting prospect of going solo in Cape Town - driving ourselves around, going to the supermarkets and bottle stores on our own - was quickly dispersed with the wonderful hospitality of the guest house and the opportunity for some much needed downtime, the children more than happy to spend all day, every day in the pool. And with cousins staying close by, the chance to meet new additions to our growing family and spend time with them.

With some solid sleep under our belts and with friends and family from various parts of the country and world all gathered together, it was time to focus on matters in hand with a surprise Bridal Shower for Catherine. With the men off to the local driving range for a few hours, us ladies had the chance to shower the Bride with gifts, have a giggle over games, eat cake and drink bubbly - not a bad way to spend a Wednesday afternoon if you ask me!

Sabina, Daniel's Mother, with her granddaughter

With the men back from Golf, the festivities continued into the evening with a "Bring & Braii" and a chance to catch up with family old and new.

Not wanting to be outdone, gorgeous baby Ollie shows us
some of his tricks!

With Daniel, the groom, being Polish and family from 
Wales travelled over for the wedding, key phrases were
drawn up, just so we could all understand one another!

Our last day before leaving for the wedding and we hooked up with cousin Robin, her husband Stephen and family and drove to the very stunning Hout Bay. Blue skies, sandy beaches against a dramatic, mountainous backdrop, pretty fishing boats and clear blue sea, it's an absolute must if you ever stay in Cape Town. And I can promise you THE most delicious prawns in garlic at The Mariners Wharf on the harbour front.

Seals on the beach, a surprise, but lovely spectacle!

A bundle of mischief!

All in all, a WONDERFUL start to another momentous trip to this beautiful part of the world. I really can't recommend a trip here enough!

Next time - driving up a mountain pass with Baboons playing chicken on the road; a farm shop that turned out to serve THE best breakfast in the land some would say and the beautiful and special celebration of Catherine and Daniel's wedding day.


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