Monday, 5 September 2016


As I sat in Dandasana at the end of my yoga class this weekend, my lovely yoga teacher Sally began telling us all how, for her, September is the perfect time for "New Year Resolutions". That in January when it's cold and dark and seeking sources of comfort, she's less likely to be able to stick to the diet/less drinking/more exercise/more positive attitude kind of resolutions we all strive for come January 1st. This really got me thinking and the more I thought about it, the more it made perfect sense. Thanks to a healthy dose of vitamin D, time to switch off and relax with my family doing the things and being in the places that nourish my soul, I'm revved up, raring to go and positively embracing the girls going back to school this week and a return to the domestic routine... far more so than I would if it was January. So now really does the perfect time to reflect, resolve and create some inspiration for the coming months. Here's what's on my September resolutions...

Create a life I love -   this is a biggy and of course is something we all strive for everyday, however, losing Mummy and the prospect of losing my dad has and will force my life in a different direction. Without Mummy in my life I've had to find a new me and and I know I'm going to do that again when I lose my dad. Dealing with all of this, accepting it and finding a new happiness has been the biggest challenge I've ever had to deal with in my life, however, when I discovered leading mind expert and life coach Jacqueline Hurst  on Instagram a couple of years ago her posts, blogs and articles became a daily source of inspiration, motivation and guidance for me. She has developed  The Life Class an online course using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques and tools to help you really understand yourself, challenge any negative thinking and behaviours (because thoughts create feelings and feelings create actions) and help you create a healthy mind so that you can live your life in the best possible way. I've signed up and will be getting stuck into the first modules this week with earnest. I'll keep you posted!

Watch more old films - over the weekend Philip and I curled up on the sofa and watched that wonderful Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan classic "You've Got Mail". "Urgh but its a Romcom" groaned Philip who actually, come the end of the film, had to admit that he'd actually really enjoyed it and was in full agreement - along with many of my IG friends - that "they really don't make them like they used to". So I'm embracing the night's drawing in with the opportunity to curl up on the sofa with a bag of my favourite Sweet and Salty Poshcorn and watch more old films. Send me your recommendations!

Keep on top of the laundry and ironing - I know, I know it's nowhere near as exciting or as glamourous as my previous two resolutions, but this really is my achilles heal of domestic chores. The laundry is of course a never-ending task, though my sister blames "the amount of clothes we have". I really don't know what she means?! But with a husband, two children and now my Dad's laundry to add to my pile, I really need to change my approach - *see resolution no.1*. Keeping on top of the washing is fine, it's the ironing and/or putting it away where I fall down, resulting in piles of laundry around the house and many stressful hours trying to find "no, not those jeans, those jeans". So I'm resolving to deal with the washing as soon as it's dry, ironing it, folding it and putting it away there and then. And hey, I'm always looking for ways to make chores that bit more appealing, so putting on an old movie - *see resolution no. 2* - while I stand and iron may mean I even look forward to tackling that basketful of clothes!

So there you have it - it's a new month, a new season and the opportunity for a fresh start without the January blues. Does September feel like a "New Year" for you and what will you be resolving to do? I'd love to know!