Wednesday, 19 October 2016


As I was perusing Instagram the other day my eagle eye spotted a beautifully tiled floor on the feed of Ciara @teaandtoastblog, a fellow Hampshire blogger. The accompanying caption said she was at The William Walker in Winchester. I'd never heard of it? "Near the Cathedral, on the corner" Ciara said. I was intrigued. With a tiled floor this gorgeous... well, as they say #ihavethisthingwithfloors.

Photo c/o @teaandtoastblog

The following day Philip and I just happened to be in Winchester and it just happened to be lunchtime and well... we just happened to find ourselves in The William Walker. Not planned at all, nope, not one little bit.

Now here's a little history lesson for you. Back in the 1900's huge cracks began to appear in the walls of Winchester Cathedral putting it in danger of collapse. William Walker, a deep sea diver, was brought in and worked under ground for 6 years to shore up the foundations and the Cathedral was saved! Having grown up near Winchester, I remember my Grandpa telling me the story many, many years ago and I would always get him to take me to the Cathedral to see the statue in memory of the man who saved Winchester Cathedral.

Sitting with a beautiful view - the best to be found from The Diving Room upstairs - across to the Cathedral on the corner of The Square and Market Lane,  The William Walker takes it's inspiration from it's namesake, with an ecclectic mix of memorabilia making it cosy and welcoming, yet contemporary at the same time.

Sexy deep turquiose leather window seats to watch the world go by while you sip your glass of wine; large inviting mustard leather armchairs to sink into in front of the fire and copper topped tables to dine off create the backdrop for nautical themed lights, mirrors and pictures. All an ode to the hero of the day.

Foodwise, there is a choice of menu's for dining, from the bar, or just for a sandwich. Traditional pub favourites with some seasonal additions and the chef's signature, give you some contemporary dishes to choose from, and it's all locally sourced. Both Philip and I opted for the lamb leg steak with a mint hollandaise and chips. Oh. My. Goodness. I don't think I have tasted anything quite to succulent or as tasty in a long time.

With time pressing us to get back for the school run, trying out the deserts will have to wait for next time. Whether it's just for a coffee while I happen to be shopping in town, grabbing a quick bite with my girls or another accidental planned lunch with Philip, we'll definitely be going back!

Thanks to Manager Matthew Price and his staff for their fabulous service and making us feel so welcome and thanks to Ciara for bringing this fabulous pub to my attention!


TEL: 01962  807500


Anonymous said...

You have definitely stirred my interest with your favourable descriptions. I will pop in to see for myself!


Why thank you! I can highly recommend it!