Saturday, 22 October 2016


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This week with Lydia breaking up a whole three days ahead of her sister, I took the opportunity to spend some time with her and enjoy that oh so precious bond that binds us together, as mother and daughter. I get so caught up in the rigours of daily life, that I often feel like I haven't checked in with her, made sure she's OK, caught up on the little goings on in her life with school and friends or simply just noticed her. Noticed how she's growing; noticed her evolving character, and just taken time to soak her all up like I used to when she was a baby in my arms. And then she's not always around either. There is a shift taking place which I first touched upon here, whose momentum seems to be gathering pace lately. She is becoming more and more independent, creating a little life of her own, outside of our family unit where social life, shopping and snapchatting are top of the agenda. And quite rightly so. Having grown up in a village with a mother who couldn't drive, I felt isolated during my teen years and I always vowed that wouldn't be the case for my own girls. Where we live my girls are a 5 minute walk from friends, parks and fun I always felt I was missing out on.

So these last few of days have been a chance to rekindle, have a giggle and have my girl all to myself for a little bit.

We had a day out shopping in Kingston. Shopping for clothes with Lydia has never been a battleground I'm very thankful to say. History has taught me to be a little more open minded and allow both my girls to find their own identities with their own choice of clothes, and I feel quite strongly that time will thank me for this. My only input is on whether something suits their height/shape/age and so far this advice has held in good stead.  Still, as we wandered around New Look there were still a few "What about this?" from me, replied with "No, I don't like that" from her. We do at least share a love for all things grey. Every shop we went into, I honed in on grey cashmere jumpers whilst Lydia honed in to every grey sweatshirt with a cactus/avocado/pizza/selfie motif on. Cactus is the "item du jour" apparently and Daddy is currently Lydia's superstar for tracking down the exact top with said motif she was looking for.

H&M was our hero of the day, covering both our needs. I love that we can go into one shop together now, wander off and then meet up in the changing rooms for a big trying on session. As I am Lydia's style guide, she is also mine. Something else I value in our relationship. And then there's the whole ringing each other to see where they other one has got too, only to do the "I'm walking towards you now" line. Mummy and I used to do that alot.

The next day with some jobs needing doing at our holiday flat we headed down to Mudeford, homemade sausage rolls and dog in hand so that we could also enjoy a beach walk. The autumn sun shone as we walked along with our take-out coffee's and hot chocolates and an over-excited Sammy keen to enjoy the freedom of the beach. A game of catch kept him amused and us on our toes running around after him. Honestly, give that dog a tennis ball and he's engaged for hours. But it was exactly the fun I was hoping for and a moment to savour.

Whilst driving home, I looked over at Lydia in the passenger seat. It only seems like yesterday that I would glance over to see my gorgeous little bundle, gurgling away in her car seat, looking at whatever fluffy, squeaky "thing" I'd attached to the handle to keep her amused. Now we're singing away at the top of our voices to David Guetta's "Titanium". Though not quite in pitch perfect  a capella harmony...

No doubt Lydia will spend the rest of half term out and about or at friends' houses. She has a Halloween party next weekend which, finishing at midnight, feels like another momentous step into teenagedom.

This new equilibrium is of course inevitable and I love everything about it despite it's bittersweet taste, I just need a bit of time to accept it and to adjust to it's pattern. Speaking of which, what time is she coming home from her sleepover this morning?

Have a lovely weekend!



TheOnlineStylist said...

Aw Jo - this is such a lovely post - it made me all teary eyed! Lydia is growing up so beautifully and you are such a good mum. The road to teenagedom is a rocky one so those moments when it all comes together are so precious aren't they?
Lots of love to you and your gorgeous girls this half term xxx


Ah thank you Amanda, your comments and thoughts mean so much to me. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post, it was fun to write and photograph! The path into adulthood is indeed a rocky road for both our girls and us mums, so it has been really lovely to spend some time together, making the most of the good times. I hope you're enjoying some time out with Holly too this half term. Take care and lots of love xxx