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I don't know about you but at this time of year I can almost hear my skin screaming at me for some help on a daily basis! The combination of walking the dog in the bitter winter wind, notching up the central heating another degree or so, not to mention the after effects of the festive indulgences, are all guaranteed to cause my skin some serious suffering. It feels parched, tight, dull and lacklustre; and there are definitely a few more fine lines and spots appearing which I really would like to disappear!

January is definitely a time when I like to focus not only on what I'm putting in my body, but just as importantly what I'm putting on my body. So I thought I would share with you my favourite skin care products that I would recommend if you're wanting to make your skin feel like it's being wrapped up in a warm, cosy blanket safe from the elements. What's more, they're all purse-friendly, so you won't be running the bank account dry either!


A couple of years ago my sister bought me "Pretty Honest" by beauty journalist Sali Hughes. It has become my beauty bible and when I was reading about what would be helpful for my dry/dehydrated skin I met my new best beauty friend - hyaluronic acid. Nope, I'd never heard about before either. Hyaluronic acid is what's know as a humectant ingredient; humectant meaning to retain or preserve moisture. Bingo! This was the answer to my thirsty skin's prayers. Sali's book recommends brands to use for your specific skin type, but most of them were above my budget, so I spent a fair few hours in the skin care aisles of Boots scouring for a reasonably priced product containing the magic hyaluronic acid ingredient.

The Boots Botanics range caught my eye, not only for it's affordability, but for it's natural organic plant ingredients handpicked from the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew and one of the key ingredients for all its products was hyaluronic acid. I was sold and I haven't looked back. Being 40-something and feeling like my skin is at a fairly critical stage in life where it needs all the help it can get, I use the Triple Age Renewal products. Not only are they super moisturising but they have superior UVA/UVB protection too. On Sali's advice in the morning I wash my face with Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm which is so creamy being full of shea butter, rosehip and jojoba oil. It is also fabulous for removing makeup at the end of the day. I then use the Triple Age Renewal Super Serum followed by the Triple Age Renewal Day Cream. At night time, having cleansed I use the Triple Age Renewal Smoothing Facial Oil followed by the Triple Age Renewal Night Cream. I know that sounds a lot doesn't it! But my skin is super thirsty and really feels heaps better in the morning for it.


The area around my eyes is particular dry (no thanks to having done an awful lot of crying these last few years) and needs a LOT of TLC! One of my other favourite sources of beauty inspiration is Lisa Eldridge, make-up artist to the stars and a renowned beauty expert around the world. I've been reading her blog and watching her make-up videos for years and it's thanks to Lisa that I am a huge fan and daily user of Boot's No7 make-up products as she used to be their Global Creative Director. I'll talk more about my love for No 7 in another blog post. In Lisa's video "My Current Skincare Routine" she brought my attention to the wonder that is Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment. They do say the best things come in small packages and this little pot of cream is full of rich avocado goodness which really does work wonders on the delicate, dry skin around my eyes and is a great base for concealer. It's one of the most expensive items in my beauty kit at £20, but it is definitely worth the investment. And if I am feeling the pinch and needing something more affordable then Lisa rates Boots Botanics Hydrating Eye cream as a brilliant alternative. I read recently that Kiehl's products are used by Arctic explorers and climbers of Everest because of it's brilliant ability to prevent moisture loss in extreme conditions. Hey, if it's good enough for them, then I reckon it's good enough for me!


The other beauty area I invest in is my hands because let's face it (no pun intended!) they have to work pretty hard for us don't they! Another brand I have Ms Eldridge to thank for is "This Works". Whilst their skincare solutions feel a little too indulgent for me, the Perfect Hands Intense Moisture is worth every penny and I save it to use at nighttime only when my hands will get the real benefit from the combination of hyaluronic acid - yes there's that magical ingredient again - coconut and glycerin to lock in moisture.


Palmer's Body Lotion has been a firm favourite of mine for literally years and it is an iconic beauty classic that has been a cult favourite for generations. I first stumbled across it 19 years ago when the beautician I was seeing regularly on the lead up to my wedding recommended it to me and I haven't used anything else since. My skin literally drinks this stuff up which is absolutely fine as it is very affordable with most of their range of products coming in at under £5. I used their Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks when I was pregnant and if I've been on holiday and my skin is feeling particularly dry from the sun, I indulge in their Skin Therapy Oil. But on a daily basis the Coconut Oil Body Lotion is the cream of the crop. Geddit!?


Last but by no means least and THE thing that if I was stuck on a desert island I would definitely want with me, my Lanolips Tinted Balm. This little tube really does speak for itself and, were I to find myself stuck on a desert island and allowed only one beauty product, Lanolips is packed with so much goodness, including SPF 30, it would cover a multitude of uses I'm sure!

So there you have it. These are my beauty essentials I couldn't be without at this time of year - or any for that matter. Do you have any favourite products to winterproof your skin?

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