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I don't know about your children, but both my girls have definitely got more astute at present buying as they've grown up which, given that Mr Prado is not, is definitely a good thing in my book! So when it comes to Mother's Day they're usually pretty organised and eager to spoil me. They're even at the age now when they can bring me my morning coffee in bed. That in itself is a treat! But for me, it's not just about the presents, it's also about spending time with my girls. It's about devoting the day to being together, having fun and relaxing. 

With that in mind, I've teamed up with Boots and come up with some really lovely gift ideas and ways to say "thank you" this Mother's Day. And if your offspring and the other adult in your house need a little guidance, then you might want to make this page your homescreen over the next couple of weeks, just to give them a helping hand. You can thank me later!


For me the next best thing to a spa day is having a little home spa. Gathering together some gorgeous products, running a bath - better still having a bath run for me - with candles lit and a glass of wine waiting. Bliss!

"A Well Earned Treat" from The Original Champneys Health Spa range is just that! Anything that promises to take me away from cold, grey days to a "Summer Dream" has got my attention instantly; as has anything that is going to make my winter-dull skin feel smooth, soft and summer ready. Meanwhile I can drift off to sunny shores with the scent of the Sanctuary Spa Driftwood & Sea Spray candle


One of the bonuses of having a teenage daughter is that I have my very own make up artist on tap, 24/7. From cat-flicks to contouring, Lydia's knowledge of make-up is far more comprehensive than mine was at that age. Than mine IS come to think of it! So she's perfect for giving me a mini makeover and showing me a thing or two.  I've pretty much always used Boots No 7 makeup and "Lovely" from their Sheer Temptations lipstick range is the perfect Spring shade. A sheer pink with a hint of sparkle and gloss like finish. In facts its the perfect pairing for a cat eye flick!


One of the other things I love about my girls being the age they are is that we can watch proper movies together, I mean more grown up films - long gone are the days when it can only be the latest Disney release. So I can't think of anything better than opening a box of chocolates, lighting a candle and snuggling up on the sofa for the afternoon in front of a feel-good film.


Ah, do you remember the days when you would take your camera film to be developed and then wait eagerly for days (I am going back!) to pick up your photo's and then have a good laugh at all the cropped off heads, funny faces etc?! I miss the anticipation of those days and whilst I snap so many more photo's on my phone, I am rubbish at getting round to printing them. 

So for a bit of fun and nostalgia, how about getting a Single Use Camera, having some fun and creating beautiful memories!


Now this is a real treat, and I hope my brood are paying attention! They say collect memories not things, and what better way to create beautiful memories than with an experience day. Continuing the theme, a Mother Daughter Makeover Shoot particular caught my eye as did a Girls Spa Day for Two. Knowing my girls though, a Chocolate Heaven Spa Day for Two is what they would plump for! There's plenty of different experiences to choose from, to suit a wide range of interests. My only problem would be which daughter to take with me!

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Girls Spa Day for Two
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Boots have a wide range of gifts including some gorgeous bespoke gift sets to help you say thank you this Mother's Day, both in-store and online here.

However you spend your Mother's Day, I hope it's a day filled with love and happiness!


Thanks to Boots for sponsoring this post and thank you for supporting sponsors of Like Mother Like Daughter

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