Thursday, 16 March 2017


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It all started a bit like this...

"I'm going to Italy twice in March"

"I'd love to join you sometime?"

"I'm going to Puglia with Marlene to take photos. You're most welcome to join us!"

"Ooh ok, I might not join you in March but maybe when the weather is warmer, I'd love to!

Five minutes later:

"Actually could I have the flight & hotel details..."

And that was it, within two minutes I had booked my flight to Brindisi and reserved my "Deluxe Con Vista" at La Sommita Relais in Ostuni and I was all set to go to Puglia with my lovely friend Jennie, founder of Lois Avery and Marlene Lee, photographer, blogger and now friend, for two fabulous days of fun, photography and fine Italian vino. There were lots of happy dances that evening!

Now not many people know this about me. I studied Italian (and German) at University. However, with a year abroad looming - six months in each country - well let's just say the timing for me wasn't right. I couldn't face going abroad, being away from my family in a foreign country so I took the decision to leave Uni and walk away from six months in the beautiful Italian city of Siena. Looking back, I know I missed out on some fantastic opportunities and times with Uni friends, but this was a biggy and I just had to do what was right for me and I don't regret my decision one bit. Now though, the thought of going to Italy fills me with SO much excitement and joy. We honeymooned there, went back for our 10th Wedding Anniversary and have plans to return for our 20th Wedding Anniversary next year - GULP! So I'm looking at this little sojourn - hopefully the first of several - as a way of making up for lost time, a chance to be whimsical and to soak up this beautiful country at a time that's right for me.

So where are we going? Where are we staying? What will we be doing?

Image credit: Cereal

We're heading to Ostuni in Puglia, Italy's southern heal. It's a beautiful, beautiful region known for its whitewashed hill towns, fine food and sweeping Mediterranean coastline. Ostuni itself is known as "La Citta Bianca" - the white city and is one of those places full of charming narrow streets, passages and flights of steps that you can meander along and lose yourself in. It also boasts some amazing vista's!

Image credits: La Sommita Relais

We're staying at La Sommita Relais, a beautiful 16th Century palace perched high above the city, hence La Sommita (the summit). It describes itself as "a harmony of white and cream tones, natural stone, and minimalist decor". I am already in love!

Image credit: Carla Coulson

What will we be doing? Well I don't want to reveal too much as that is Jennie's story to tell, but all I will say is there'll be lots of dressing up, lots of photo's and above all lots of fun! We do have, thanks to an Italian taxi driver called Fabrizio that Marlene met in London the other day - true story! - a list of places we must see. Lecce, Otranto, Alberobella famous for its "Trulli" houses", Locorotondo to name just a few. We could easily fill a week there, let alone the few days we've got, which is why plans are already afoot for a return trip.

I have SO much too share with you over the coming days so do hop over to my Instagram feed, or
@lois avery & @cookiesandcandies for stories, pictures and some serious Italian wanderlust!

Ciao amica mia!


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