Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Ciao! So I'm back from my beautiful trip to Italy and it would seem the sunshine, and the temperature for that matter, failed to get their memo's about following me home! Spring seems to be teasing us, so until it decides to return, I think we could all do with a little Italian wanderlust from one of the most stunning places I think I have ever been to!

Probably the prettiest city in Italy, where Prosecco is definitely the drink of choice!, Ostuni all gleaming and white on its hilltop position, is a beautiful vista on the Puglian skyline. Walking around, it is a maze of narrow streets, passages and flights of steps. It's all too easy to lose you're bearings - particularly at 1am when you're tired and just want to collapse in your hotel bed! Every corner you turn, every Piazza you wander around, there is always something that makes you stop and gasp at its beauty; all with the backdrop of deep blue Italian skies and warm Spring sunshine. The photographs need no introduction really...

OSTUNI - La Citta Bianca

POLIGNANO A MARE - Pearl of the Adriatic

Utterly breathtaking with its crystal clear waters and stunning views across the Adriatic sea...

I really can't wait to return to this beautiful part of Italy later this year, but in the meantime these beautiful memories will keep me going for a while, and will provide some much needed sunshine on the dull, grey days of the English Spring!

Next time, I'll show you around Relais La Sommita, the utterly gorgeous hotel we stayed in.


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